Tacoma’s T Line Expansion Redefines City Transit

  • Length Doubled: The T Line has more than doubled its original length, covering a distance of 2.4 miles. For more details on the expansion, check here.
  • Six New Stations: Six strategically placed stations have been added, enhancing accessibility across the city. Explore the new stations and their locations here.
  • Improved Connectivity: The extension ensures seamless connectivity to prominent areas like the Stadium District, Wright Park, and vital medical facilities. Plan your journey using the updated schedule here.
  • Enhanced Urban Mobility: This expansion project signifies Tacoma’s commitment to redefining urban mobility, promoting sustainable transportation options.

Tacoma’s T Line has undergone a significant expansion, doubling its length and adding six new stations. This extension seamlessly connects major attractions, including the Stadium District and Wright Park, culminating at the eagerly anticipated Hilltop neighborhood. The smart integration of tracks into existing road lanes, preservation of on-street parking, and accommodation of bicycle facilities underscore an urban-focused approach. The expanded Operations and Maintenance Facility at East 25th Street now hosts five new light rail vehicles. With a launch on September 16, 2023, the T Line now spans 2.4 miles, operating every 10 minutes and aiming to serve 2,000 to 4,000 daily riders by 2026, thanks to funding from Sound Transit, City of Tacoma, Federal Transit Administration, and other key partners. Tacoma’s vision of enhanced urban mobility is fast becoming a reality.

A map showing the existing T Line and the seven new stations

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