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January 4, 2024

Solutions for Businesses & Property Investors

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Professional Expertise

Your strategic allies in
real estate consulting

At Modern Properties, we offer businesses and property investors tailored market insights and strategic solutions, including transactions, BPO, and other related real estate services. 


Results That Matter

The Modern Advantage

As your strategic partners in real estate, our specialized expertise ensures that your investments align seamlessly with your financial objectives.

Modern Properties’ Approach:

Our consulting services follow a transparent and strategic fee structure, combining an advisory fee and a negotiable Strategic Facilitation Fee of the property sale price.


Strategic Solutions, Informed Decisions

Competitive Research

— Identify Growth Opportunities
Our market research goes beyond the surface, helping you identify emerging trends and untapped market segments. Expand your portfolios strategically and seize growth opportunities.


Valuation Services

— Brokers Price Opinion (BPO)
A pivotal asset for businesses seeking precise property valuations. This service empowers businesses, lenders, and financial institutions with accurate insights crucial for strategic decision-making.


Efficient Transactions

Strategic Facilitation
Real Estate Transaction Packages designed to provide you with a seamless and cost-effective solution for your property transactions in Washington State.


Let’s Collaborate

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to discuss a new project.


At Modern Properties, we pride ourselves on being a boutique firm, small yet agile, and always up to speed on the latest regulations and market conditions. Our size is our strength, enabling us to provide attentive and specialized support while staying fully informed on the regulatory and market nuances that shape the industry.


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