‘Port of Tacoma’ Book Chronicles Maritime History

A Port of Tacoma map from 1885.

“PORT OF TACOMA: Images of America” is a must-read for those interested in the vibrant history of the Port of Tacoma, showcasing how it became a crucial hub of commerce and community.

Excerpt via TNT

“Port of Tacoma” is an engaging book that delves into the history of Tacoma’s port over nearly a century. Authored by Rod Koon, a former longtime employee of the port, the book offers a comprehensive journey through the port’s evolution. Through a captivating collection of around 200 historic photos, Koon highlights significant moments, key figures, and the everyday workers who contributed to the port’s growth. From its beginnings as a bustling port city to its emergence as a vital center of trade and economic development, the book covers various stages of the port’s history. Koon’s personal connection to the port, coupled with his meticulous research, brings the story to life. The book strikes a balance between images and text, making it a compelling read that’s difficult to put down. Koon’s dedication to preserving the port’s heritage is evident, as he uncovers hidden gems from archival sources and captures the essence of the port’s historical significance.


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