Pools are as integral to LA Homebuyers as kitchens

Excerpt via Business Insider

Swimming pools aren’t an amenity in wealthy Los Angeles buyers’ eyes — they’re almost as necessary to multi-million-dollar homes as kitchens

  • Swimming pools in Los Angeles homes are a must, according to California-based real-estate agent Jade Mills.
  • A Redfin study from March of 2019, found that Los Angeles homes with pools sell for around $95,393 more than homes without a pool.
  • However, wealthy LA homebuyers are willing to pay a premium for them

“A swimming pool is a must, it’s probably more important than anything else. There are very few homes in our area that will not have a pool,” Mills, who represented 27% of all the homes that sold for over $30 million in the Westside of Los Angeles in 2016, told Business Insider. “It’s almost like a kitchen.”

In fact, a study by Redfin found that in 2018, 23% of the homes sold in the Los Angeles metro had a pool.

The Los Angeles Times’ Jack Flemming credits the popularity of pools in Los Angeles to the city’s attractive weather and lavish lifestyle.

“Summers are sunny, winters are mild, and many luxury listings flaunt an indoor-outdoor lifestyle where backyards are as crucial as any living room or kitchen,” Flemming wrote.

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