Meet Side Pony | New/Old Dive on 6th Ave

Tacoma’s best ‘dive’ bar expands to 6th Ave with ginger beer, a top-tier old-fashioned
Excerpt via TNT

▪ 2914 6th Ave., Tacoma, 253-247-6314, ▪ Tuesday-Sunday 3-11ish (until 2 a.m. weekends)
▪Sister bar to The Mule Tavern, with housemade ginger beer and tonic, great cocktails and a few snacks

Meet Side Pony, a new/old dive on Tacoma’s 6th Ave Side Pony Lounge is now open on Sixth Avenue, sister cocktail bar to The Mule Tavern in South Tacoma.  Did Sixth Avenue need another bar? For devotees of the piquant ginger beer and untouchable old fashioned at The Mule Tavern, the answer is a hard yes. You should still make a point of hanging out at Sam Halhuli’s original bar The Mule Tavern, which turned 7 in July, but on other occasions, pop by Side Pony Lounge. The bar officially opened Aug. 8 at 2914 6th Ave. Previously the taproom of Komadre Kombucha, it was also the first scoop shop for Tacoma’s Ice Cream Social. Only Halhuli could take this tight of a space, with modern walls and windows, and turn it inside out: Side Pony feels like it’s always been here.


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