Blue Mouse Theatre: 100 Years of Cinema Charm in Tacoma

Tacoma’s Blue Mouse Theatre, a cinematic treasure in Proctor, celebrates a century of storytelling and community. From its grand opening in 1923 to surviving ownership changes, this historic theater stands resilient, inviting movie lovers to a centennial celebration full of nostalgia.


  • 1923 Grand Opening: The Blue Mouse opened with “The Green Goddess,” Mayor Angelo Fawcett’s speech, and a vibrant crowd.
  • Surviving Challenges: Facing closure in the 1970s, a dedicated group revitalized it in 1978, with a major restoration in 1993.
  • Centennial Festivities: Join the celebration from November 10-13, featuring classic films, a Red Carpet Gala, and a throwback showing of “The Green Goddess.”

Adaptability and Community Focus: Over the years, the Blue Mouse embraced change, transitioning from silent films to digital projection in 2012. Manager Sue Evans, a 28-year veteran, emphasizes the theater’s role as a community space.

Looking to the Future: As the Blue Mouse enters its second century, co-owner Brad Lehrer envisions community input shaping its future. A newly formed advisory group aims to guide the theater’s ongoing legacy.

Conclusion: Join the Blue Mouse Theatre in commemorating a century of cinematic magic, community spirit, and the promise of more enchanting stories to come.

If You Go:

  • What: Blue Mouse Theatre Centennial Celebration.
  • When: November 10-13.
  • Where: 2611 N. Proctor St., Tacoma.
  • Tickets: 25 cents for “The Green Goddess.”
  • Info: Blue Mouse Theatre, 253-752-9500.
  • Share Memories: Blue Mouse Theatre Speakpipe

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